Freemium Revenue Model test

Freemium Revenue Model test

In this test we explore the viability of a freemium business model measuring conversion rate for free and paid versions of our product.

Our Free product offers:

  • Single click updates
  • Pin boards
  • Comments
  • Chat

All meant to be used only by couples.

Premium Features are:

  • Reminders or “Taps”
  • Automatic calendar importing and sharing
  • Shared to-do list
  • Access to relationship statistics

The test is currently in progress, and we will post its results on Monday March 5th.


Final Presentation Draft

Sync Final Presentation Draft


Presentation Feb 28: Theme Phoenix..

..rising from the ashes

Sync 02.28.12

Might add a couple of pages. This is a long one, do take a look!

– Sandhya

Have an iPhone?


Test our prototype on testflight –

Travel Chat with Jim Hornthal of Travelocity


Jim’s Background:

  • Founder of Preview Travel
  • Founding Vice Chairman of Travelocity
  • Currently working with Triporati

Good Questions to Ask Users:

  1. What are you doing now?
  2. How are you currently doing it?
  3. What are you paying for now ?
  4. How much better would it have to be for you to pay?
  5. Find the main deciding factors/ pain-points, ask the user to rank them.

Other Takeaways:

  • Optimizing travel is not the issue, figuring out where to go is
  • Where to go has many levels. For example: $$$, cost, time, what can we do there
  • To provide valuable information to the user so as not to tarnish the brand we would need a very intelligent database and the ability to compete with people like Triporati and Tnooz
  • Beware: You may be solving problem #9 for a very small segment

Cost Structure:

  • Need lots of users if using the commission structure
  • Commission is based on conversion (look to book ratio) within 30 days
  • Need an affiliate relationship (free) but must generate bookings to avoid being kicked out
  • Look in to the Expedia widget and commission junction



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